It’s all about the brows!

I believe in the power of brows, I see them as one of the most important part of my makeup routine. I begin with my brows and build the rest of the look around them, always. When I don’t necessarily want to wear a full face, but want to look put together and polished, I focus on my brows. Skin, lashes, brows and call it a day!

On this post I am showing you a few different brow styles and how to wear them. But stay tuned, because tutorial videos are coming soon!

Brow pic sized.JPEG

But one size doesn't necessarily fit all. 

There are many different styles of brows at the moment and it may be tough to decide what style works for you. I want to break them down to you with a few examples.

Sculpted - Very trendy and usually goes with a full face of makeup that has other strong makeup trends as well. For example, winged liner, contour, highlight, liquid lipstick etc. 

Brow 3.jpg

Sculpted blended to natural - Fashionable and very versatile. Its wearable and applicable to either a clean, more natural makeup look or even a  full face as well.

Brow 2.jpg

Natural - This look is actually very popular at the moment and very high fashion.  Which is great because it’s the most wearable and the best choice for many different types of people and makeup wearers! 

brow 1.JPEG

For these looks I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate. I love this product so much because as you can see, it can create such a variety of looks. Whether is sharp and deep in color, or diffused and more of a soft look. It blends out very well but will set down and stay put for hours and hours. The brush is a Mac Small Angle brush in #263. Its super thin and perfect for the sharp lines or flick lines for the more natural effect.

Brow 4.JPG

I actually like all of these brow styles and wear each of them. But which one is right for you?!

And don't forget, tutorials coming soon ; )

Till next time,