Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I’d write about my favorite famous mom and daughter duos!

diana tracee 2.jpg
goldie kate 2.jpg
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We get our looks from our mamas right?? Beauty trends and techniques are handed down from generation to generation. Some things we learn stay the same and some things we learn, we readjust and make our very own.  Whether it is from our own mothers, our foremothers, or our female role models, we take these traditions and carry them on in celebration of the women who came before us and the women we become ourselves!

What I love about famous mom and daughter duos is that we get watch this evolution unfold!

One of my favorite mother daughter duos has to be Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross. Both of these women are powerhouses in their own right. They are so connected as mom and daughter, but so unique to themselves in their beauty identity! I adore Tracee and I take inspiration from her confidence and makeup style for myself all the time. It’s clear that her momma handed down to her, her flare for drama! But she balances it with her own, clean style. Perfect example is her signature style of natural, fresh skin, a clean eye and a pop of bright red lipstick!

diana tracee.jpg

How can you not just love Goldie and Kate!! Both of their beauty styles are fresh and glowing! Just like their personalities!

I grew up with a crossover from Goldie to Kate and both women made a huge impact on me as a young woman into adulthood. I loved Goldie’s infectious personality and smile and I was obsessed with Kate as she came into her own as well. Kate inherited that glow from Goldie and her makeup style always reflects that.  They have mastered the bronzer and highlight formula that creates that glowing, Cali girl vibe that I love so much! Without looking overdone or too heavy makeup, just fresh and radiant! If you ever wonder how to wear summer makeup, just look to Kate.

Goldie and Kate.jpg
Goldie and kate 2.jpg

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne! Two amazing women with very sure and individual beauty and makeup style, yet you can tell they are still inspired off of each other. Two generations of beautiful, confident women with crazy cool style. When I grow up I want to be just like Sharon with her humor, light and style. And Kelly is an inspiration to me right now with her edgy/sexy vibe! I'm also partial to a dramatic wing and great lash just like Kelly.


What makeup technique have you learned from your mother or female role model? How have you made it your own? Comment, I want to know!

I hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day!!


Basics of color correction

I’m sure you’ve seen all over YouTube and Instagram some crazy, clown looking color correcting videos. Confusing right?

In the most basic terms, it’s a principle of the colors that are across from each other on the color wheel, neutralize each other. And believe it or not, this is very useful in the world of makeup!

Below you can see the basic color wheel as well as my favorite corrector palette by Mehron Makeup - Celebre HD Pro Correct-It Neutralizer Palette.

color wheel.JPG
color c.JPG

Whenever you're not sure on which color to use to cover up areas of concern, just remember one basic principle - the colors opposite from each other, cancel each other out. So for example, if you have areas of redness, consult the color wheel and see that green is across from red!

I’m going to show you color correction techniques on myself to help you with how it works!

color c 1.JPG

So this is my skin without any foundation. And as you can see, I have an uneven skin tone with mostly redness, some blemishes and slight purple tones around my eyes and eyelids.




color c 2.JPG

For these areas of concern I’m going to a green based corrector to cancel out the redness, pink/peach for the darkness under my eyes and yellow for my eyelids. 
The pink/peach will help with the blue vein based darkness underneath and added warmth. But on the eyelids, the veins look more purple, so I will use a yellow corrector.

The darker the under eye area is, or the darker the skin tone is, the darker the peach/orange based corrector will go. Someone with mild darkness under the eye and with fair skin, never needs orange or red. Red is only used for tattoo and stubble cover up or extremely dark acne scars/under eye darkness on deep skin tones.

 I’m using a damp Beauty Blender to gently blend in and diffuse the corrector. Your fingertips work as well!

color c 3.JPG
color c 4.JPG

You do not want thick product and bright colors to then have to cover up. Thick layers of makeup will turn cakey and look heavy; nor do you want your concealer turning pink because it mixing with a red or orange corrector on too fair of skin.

I left a little more green over my blemish because of how much red I had to cover. But the rest of the corrector I made sure to blend out and diffuse.

The next image is with foundation, concealer and contour. See how even my skin looks?! 

color c 5.JPG
color c 6.JPG

All done! I hope this helped you a little bit with understanding color correcting better! 

color c 7.JPG

Till next time,

It’s all about the brows!

I believe in the power of brows, I see them as one of the most important part of my makeup routine. I begin with my brows and build the rest of the look around them, always. When I don’t necessarily want to wear a full face, but want to look put together and polished, I focus on my brows. Skin, lashes, brows and call it a day!

On this post I am showing you a few different brow styles and how to wear them. But stay tuned, because tutorial videos are coming soon!

Brow pic sized.JPEG

But one size doesn't necessarily fit all. 

There are many different styles of brows at the moment and it may be tough to decide what style works for you. I want to break them down to you with a few examples.

Sculpted - Very trendy and usually goes with a full face of makeup that has other strong makeup trends as well. For example, winged liner, contour, highlight, liquid lipstick etc. 

Brow 3.jpg

Sculpted blended to natural - Fashionable and very versatile. Its wearable and applicable to either a clean, more natural makeup look or even a  full face as well.

Brow 2.jpg

Natural - This look is actually very popular at the moment and very high fashion.  Which is great because it’s the most wearable and the best choice for many different types of people and makeup wearers! 

brow 1.JPEG

For these looks I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate. I love this product so much because as you can see, it can create such a variety of looks. Whether is sharp and deep in color, or diffused and more of a soft look. It blends out very well but will set down and stay put for hours and hours. The brush is a Mac Small Angle brush in #263. Its super thin and perfect for the sharp lines or flick lines for the more natural effect.

Brow 4.JPG

I actually like all of these brow styles and wear each of them. But which one is right for you?!

And don't forget, tutorials coming soon ; )

Till next time,